Who Design

is a place to showcase Portuguese creative talent to inspire new designers and foster inclusivity through a diverse network of contacts for professionals and companies alike. We celebrate creativity and the people whose work elevates the Portuguese design worldwide.

How can I nominate a Designer?

If you know Portuguese designers whose work and insights are valuable to the creative community, nominate them.

Submit their name, area of expertise, and their main website or social media (Dribbble, Instagram, Behance, Linkedin).
We’re not collecting or presenting photos of the designers, because following similar initiatives, we want to make the repository not about one’s image but rather about their impact and work.

How did we come up with this idea?

This project is not an unique take. It is inspired on the pages and works from designers worldwide.


Portuguese Who Design is the newest piece on this network, giving designers and creatives more visibility across borders, colors and genders.


We showcase creatives' qualities to inspire other designers, give a platform for professionals to be contacted and contribute to companies to diversify their teams.

How did you build this?

This website is based on the repository made available by Zeh Fernandes on Github.  You can build your own initiative from there and promote it in your community.

Thanks to Fabrício Teixeira and Zeh Fernandes for supporting the making of this website and initiative. Also, thanks to Renata Silveira for helping planning and consulting on the making of this project.

Who’s behind this?

How can I remove or edit my name?

Every time the website loads, we can discover more about Portuguese design’s recent past. The aim is to recognize and celebrate Portuguese design’s history as well to inspire and inform new designers a bit more.

What if I want to update my info or remove my name from the list?

If you’ve been added to the directory and would like to opt-out from it you can do it here.

If you want to make changes or updates to your name message us at hello@portuguesewho.design.

My nomination is not on the list yet.

The list is updated weekly, soon you will be visible. We’re currently looking to diversify our list more, so we do updates when we meet a well-balanced group of entries for fair representation.
Meanwhile, you can contribute with more names or share our initiative. We are looking for women, black, and LGBTQ+ creatives. This way we can represent an inclusive and heterogeneous group of creatives.

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